Sound infrastructure is a must for a company to have a successful export organization. We here at Decormart have two entire separate divisions for hard and soft goods. We are equipped with excellent infrastructural facilities, latest machines and a customised ERP system that ensure smooth and efficient operations, storage of products, supply and export.

Our production area is over 1,00,000sq feet and our production rate is 2,00,000+ units per month. We ensure high standards of in- house quality control at every stage of the production process.  Our team of artisans, designers and craftsmen have inherent artistic skills that are featured in their fine workmanship. Adequate manpower is available to ensure timely delivery of high quality merchandise.

The organization is fully compliant and approved from various reputed auditing agencies and testing authorities. This makes the company ahead in comparison to our competition.

Our products are made in a state of the art manufacturing unit that combines the finesse of handcrafting with the quality assured by modern technology. Our products are well suited for individual home interior designs as well as for large architectural and interior firms. All our products are handcrafted and thus, we have expertise in customizing our products to match all your needs. This gives the options to choose from many designs and forms that cannot simply be shown here. This site therefore is a representation of our understanding and our capabilities in design and manufacture.